#FairyFriday! Meet Bliss Squiggle

February 21, 2014

Meet Reid Hogan who's been promoted (?) from understudy for Bliss Squiggle to playing Bliss Squiggle. Reid is great to have on your tech team, but he's sure wonderful on-stage, too!


Name: Reid Hogan

Character: Bliss Squiggle, rope operator 

Hometown: Topeka, KS

Job: Technical Director's Assistant, Kitchen Worker Director at Cedars Camps

Major: Theatrical Effects & Design, Educational Studies

Hobbies: DJing, watching movies, playing LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, eating at Qdoba or Taco Bell

Beginning of your interest in theatre: Why do you assume I'm interested? Just kidding! I went to a magnet grade school whose focus was Science & Fine Arts. So, my interests are in science and fine arts. I was in show choir, bands, orchestras, and more and so I never developed a sense of stage fright or performing in front of others because life is just performing in front of people as yourself. Then, I wanted to learn all the technical aspects of theatre my last couple of years of grade school. For our fifth grade show I designed lighting, hanged the lights, and ran the board instead of performing. It has been love ever since. I mean, everyone wants to be an actor.

A few of your favorite things: Batman, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Thor, Hawkeye and Green Arrow. Not Superman, Aquaman, or The Flash. Reasons for being involved in Petalwink: A couple of years ago I decided that my life goal is to make people believe in magic again. I still believe it is out there, but others insist that it is not. The belief in magic is a key part of greatness because it can turn even the most stoic individual into a child again, and there is no better feeling than to share in another's wonder and awe. Magic, I believe, is the quickest way there, and that is what theatre is all about.

If I were a bug, I would be... Bugs Bunny.

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