Redwood Theatre Company hosted the fabulous event in Healdsburg, CA in April 2018

The aerial stage show in development for young audiences took a flying leap forward with a staged concert reading at the end of April. The concert reading showcased a cast of talented singers performing the full score by award-winning composer/lyricist Deborah Hurwitz and script by bestselling author/illustrator Angela Sage Larsen for the first time. The pop-rock score inspired attendees to laugh, sing, and cry, moved by the thoughtful portrayal of Petalwink and her friends by local performers. Redwood Theatre Company was the perfect homebase in Healdsburg, CA to provide an entertaining, enriching “first look” at the magic of Petalwink. Directed by Ron Smith and music directed by Deborah, and featuring projections of new and original Petalwink art, the two performances allowed the audience a glimpse into the future fully staged aerial production of Petalwink: the Musical. The Petalwink creative team has taken a deep dive into the script and music to revise and refine, inspired by the cast's lovely rendering and by helpful audience feedback.
MEET THE CAST Petalwink: The Concert Reading  April 2018
Petalwink - Carmen Mitchell
Lucy - Annalise Ethington
Birdie - Jackie Diaz
Bliss/Harry - Isaiah Carter
June Bug - Katie Wigglesworth
Gordo/Francis Frog - Kot Takahashi
Willow - Sidney McNulty
Belfry - Jason Soares
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